Saturday, February 13, 2010

Evelyn Bouma Creativity Classes

We are so thrilled to have Evelyn Bouma Creativity Classes at SewFest West 2010. Many consider Evelyn Bouma an icon in the world of upholstery and innovative interior design. Evelyn was born and educated in Holland. She studied fashion in France, England and North America. She received her furniture refinishing and upholstery degree at the Rotterdam University in Holland. As an instructor with the Toronto Board of Education for over four decades, Evelyn taught upholstery techniques, sewing at all levels, and developed her own unique signature class lampshade-making. She now has her own school, Creativity Classes, specializing in upholstery, creative sewing and lampshade making. Evelyn will be conducting "make & take" activities in her booth as well as a daily free stage show presentation. Visit and get inspired!