Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Event Features that make your visit a better experience!

Bingemans is an excellent venue for a sewing and needlework event. It's the little details that help make your visit a more enjoyable experience.

ATM on site: The automated teller machine means instant access to cash if you need it, right at the event.

Free Parking: Ample outdoor parking at no charge so you don't feel dinged before you even get to your event.

Children's Programs: Not sure what to do with the kids? Bingemans Funworx indoor playground might be just the thing to keep your spouse and children occupied while you enjoy a class or browsing the show floor. Visit http://www.bingemans.com/funworx/index.php for information on facilities, admission fees and food facilities.

Snack Bar: The snack bar is located on the show floor. You can take a breather, have a bite to eat and recharge yourself. Prices are kept reasonable to avoid that concession stand rip-off feeling.

Washrooms: Clean, bright and roomy. Yes, there may be line-ups at the busiest times but they won't last long.

Wheelchair Accessibility: An important consideration for those who use mobility devices.

So make a day (or two) of it with your sewing friends or family!